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OK I’ve been gone a LONG time! I’m sorry. If anyone is still out there, I’m back. I never really left, but I had to break my back, body, will, and spirit to build my own studio from the ground up with every last dollar I’ve had over the past 3.5 years, and my friends. I have arrived. It’s with tears in my eyes that I can say that I will still be able to make music. I almost lost everything, including my life in 2020, so this is special. I hope you come with me. I’m going to start with just releasing some videos to Youtube of covers I’ve been doing with a loop pedal at Church and bars randomly over the past 5 years since the original AR disbanded (more to come on that too). Here’s the link for the new Channel, I’ll be posting REGULARLY NOW!

On the mend

Hey everyone,
Sorry for the long-termed silent treatment guys. Life got nuts and was all AR until Jesse and Spencer decided to leave. We are all still friends and wish them nothing but the best. Music had to take a back seat while Andy had his 3rd munchkin, but we’ve been writing and recording a lot on our time off and a new record is in the works!Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who ever gave a damn about us, and we will be back playing live about 6 times/year in 2018. Until then, I’ll try to check in more and maybe give you all some song teasers.


Our song Chemicals¬†won “Best Song” in the Alternative Rock/Heavy Metal Category at! Check it out at the link below! It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy..

New Lyric Video!

Here she be! The new lyric video for our single “Chemicals” out now everywhere online.

Nice write up!

Thanks so much to Emily Buss who wrote such an outstanding article for us. You rock. Check it out at her page here:

Meet the Locals!

Check out our segment on Meet the Locals here. Tons of thanks to April for having us too!

Checkin In..

What is Up?! Now that the album is out, we hope you’ve picked it up and love it! If not, it is available online everywhere online music is sold, and for a physical copy, come see a show!

We would like to thank everyone who made it to the release show out at POV’s a couple weeks ago! It was great, and we hope to see you all back with friends and friends of friends on Dec. 18th at the Fineline in Minneapolis, MN. That’s all for now. Keep it posted for updates.

Oh and check out these SICK pics of the last show courtesy of seamless media:

New album Teaser is up!

Hey everybody! Less than 2 weeks until our album goes live EVERYWHERE! Here is a little teaser for ya!



Hey everyone! The record is now DONE! Finally! Here is the cover, and we will have a release date and release show announcement soon! Thanks for all your patience in this process. We didn’t want to disappoint, and this album doesn’t disappoint. Can not wait for you guys all to hear it!

Album Cover


Hey all, We are so stoked to announce that the single “Chemicals” off the upcoming album Any Given Day is out NOW. Pick it up now EVERYWHERE online music is sold!!! As always, thanks for the support!!